By Radouane is a French luxury underwear brand for men.

It revisits the formal underside with a contemporary approach, dedicated to the lovers of the beautiful underwear.

Like a precious secret, the byRadouane underwears are the witnesses of moments that belong only to us.

Our focus is based on the nobility of French products, due to their raw materials and their rarity. Modernity is in the general attitude, proportions, fabrics and colour combinations.


By Radouane puts forward the innovative idea for the era of a creation that will combine seduction, elegance and well-being.

The “All  Eyez  On Me” collection is created for the men who wants to be attractive to himself but also to his partners.

This collection is addressed to  the man but also his spouse

It will perfectly match with the suit  of the newlywed  and dazzle the bride-to-be (or future husband) on this special day which is the wedding.


For a long time, costumes were associated with classic, even boring underwear. Today, the brand comes to make the link between the top and the bottom as a guarantor of elegance and masculine refinement.


All  Eyez  On Me” fills men with creations that live up to this unforgettable day.


It can be worn by all generations, including the youngest. Wearing this brand is a guarantee of elegance and allows men to affirm and personalize their style, even without clothes on.

The men’s boxer have become a must have of our wardrobe.

Bored of wearing the same underwear, brands too diffused, men are now looking for an answer to their desire of unicity and rarity.

It seems certain that today’s men are more attentive to their look, so the boxers By Radouane  brings a special and subtle character to the man who wears it.

The real luxury now resides in the confidential, the rarity and the precious, always made in France.

The brand continues to imagine other sublime underwear for men while keeping its luxury philosophy with French raw materials and 100% French manufacturing.

Our partners

We work with passion to select the best French raw materials.

The underwear  By Radouane  are composed of Lyonnaise Silk (France) our partner, heir to the traditions of the Lyonnaise silk industry has been present for more than 50 years.

A family character that endures and rests on three generations of craftsmen, guaranteeing a know-how making it the supplier of the greatest names of haute couture.

Our leather and skins partner founded in 1936 now has more than 75 years of experience in leather and high-end skins Made in France, it supplies the largest houses in more than twenty-five countries.

Our supplier of Buttons made in France has more than 50 years of existence, it provides many ready-to-wear brands in the luxury sector.

All of our models are French, from sewing thread to elastics

Made In France

100% Made in France

A production carried  exclusively in France from start to finish (from conception to realization). We work with the last luxury underwear manufacturer in France, a company founded in 1973 that is part of the heritage of excellence in a French way.

This company has more than one hundred passionate and highly qualified employees thanks to their positioning in the luxury sector.


Unique creations, each piece requires hours of work. Everything is handmade and allows a showcase of French know-how.