I was born in nice in 1980, and I love challenges. My background is atypical, and nothing indicated that I would create my own Collection of mens underwear.

At a young age, I was very attracted by the gastronomy and cooking, so I got a cooking diploma and worked for 10 years in the cooking industry.

 In 2005 following a professional accident, I decided to go back to law school for a retraining.

In 2008, I started a professional career in public services in tax administration department, and dedicated myself fully to it.

2014 was a decisive year for me in terms of creation.

Bored to wearing boxers that looked alike the same, and  very disappointed by the proposal that was made to me in terms of lingerie for man on my wedding day in 2007.

Being in love with fashion, I decided to create my own collection “All eyez on me”.

Sensitive to elegance and refinement, I wanted to convey these values in my boxers with the desire to associate my boxers as clothes.

After 5 years of creation, conception, test, adaptation and sourcing among the best craftsmen, I’m very happy to show you for the first time the collection “All eyez on me”.

This collection begin with chapter 1, with the first four model I created. A hundred of new model are coming to expand the collection “All eyez on me” ByRadouane.